The Best Izotope Rx Online Courses

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Picture this: You’ve just purchased iZotope RX, and your eyes light up as you marvel at the endless possibilities it offers to elevate your audio editing skills. But wait! As you dive deeper, you realize that mastering this powerful tool might not be as easy as you initially thought. Before you start feeling overwhelmed, let me tell you that you’re not alone and that’s precisely why iZotope RX online courses exist. So, take a deep breath and keep reading because I’m about to share with you the secret to unlocking the full potential of iZotope RX and transforming your audio editing journey.

Wading through the sea of online courses can be a daunting task. A quick Google search will bombard you with countless options, leaving you scratching your head and wondering which one will provide the most value. In case you’re terrified of making the wrong choice, don’t worry! We’ve taken the guess-work out of the equation and compiled a list of the best iZotope RX online courses out there. Our selection focuses on offering practical, step-by-step lessons conducted by industry professionals who have valuable tips and tricks up their sleeves. Sit back, relax, and prepare to embark on an exciting audio editing adventure!

Izotope Rx Courses – Table of Contents

  1. iZotope RX 9: From 0 to Hero
  2. iZotope RX10 – Getting Started Volume 1
  3. iZotope RX – De Cero a Héroe
  4. Limpeza de Ruído e Restauração de Áudio com o iZotope RX
  5. iZotope Neutron
  6. Mastering Music Using Izotope Ozone 9
  7. Mastering Music With Izotope Ozone 10
  8. Learn iZotope Ozone 10

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iZotope RX 9: From 0 to Hero

Course Preview iZotope RX 9: From 0 to Hero


4.7 out of 5

Welcome to a comprehensive and up-to-date tutorial on the iZotope RX 9! This course delves deep into the various settings, modules, and functions of this powerful audio repair and restoration tool. You’ll get hands-on experience with every component, working through real-world audio problems. Quizzes follow each chapter to test your understanding, and access to all audio files used in the course is included. Keep in mind, the creator of this course is not an iZotope employee or influencer, which means you’ll get an unbiased and practical approach to using the RX suite.

Please note that the course’s narration is somewhat amateur and may have some noise issues (clicks, rustles, etc.). However, don’t let this deter you from evaluating the course’s overall quality and value. Check out the free previews to see if it’s a good fit for your needs. The creator is dedicated to helping you through any confusing or unclear parts, so feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Dive in and explore the world of iZotope RX 9 in this informative and engaging course!

Skills you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Mastering iZotope RX 9 settings, modules, and functions
  2. Understanding common audio recording problems
  3. Applying RX suite components to various audio issues
  4. Working with provided audio files for hands-on learning
  5. Assessing knowledge through quizzes after each chapter
  6. Identifying and handling audio noise like clicks and rustles
  7. Learning to evaluate course materials and resources
  8. Communicating with the instructor for clarification and assistance

iZotope RX10 – Getting Started Volume 1

Course Preview iZotope RX10 - Getting Started Volume 1


4.7 out of 5

Are you ready to dive into the world of audio editing and restoration? This fantastic Volume 1 guide to iZotope’s RX10 is the perfect place to start! Broken into two sections, the course first provides narration to thoroughly explain various modules and functions within the program. The second section moves at a faster pace and showcases some modules in action, using captions to detail the processes.

As you progress through this introductory course, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the user interface and how it differs from traditional audio editor applications. You’ll also learn how to analyze and understand the composite waveform and spectrograph view, allowing you to make informed editing and restoration decisions. The course focuses on RX10 Advanced, but most of what you’ll learn can also be applied to RX Standard. And, if you’re new to RX10, don’t worry – the Repair Assistant function is an excellent starting point, intelligently proposing repair chains that you can easily modify. So, why not give it a go and take your audio skills to the next level?

Skills you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Understanding the iZotope RXuser interface and how it differs from traditional audio editor applications.
  2. Analyzing and interpreting the composite waveform and spectrograph view in RX10.
  3. Making informed editing and restoration decisions using RX10’s modules.
  4. Addressing specific audio issues using a variety of restoration modules in RX10.
  5. Utilizing RXAdvanced features and recognizing their compatibility with RX Standard.
  6. Applying practical examples of different modules for audio repair, cleanup, and improvement.
  7. Effectively using the Repair Assistant function for automated repair suggestions.
  8. Customizing and fine-tuning RX10’s repair chains according to personal preferences and project requirements.

iZotope RX – De Cero a Héroe

Course Preview iZotope RX - De Cero a Héroe


4.6 out of 5

¡Hola a todos! Si están buscando un curso para aprender sobre restauración y limpieza de audio, les tengo una excelente opción. Este curso en línea se enfoca en enseñarles cómo utilizar el software iZotope RX, una herramienta clave en la industria del audio. Además, les ayudará a optimizar su flujo de trabajo diario y mantenerse al día con las tendencias en la producción de audio.

A lo largo del curso, explorarán las versiones Elements, Standard y Advanced de iZotope RX, aprendiendo a editar y limpiar audio de manera profesional. Además, se familiarizarán con todas las herramientas, utilidades y medidores que ofrece el software. También, podrán aprovechar al máximo su uso junto a Avid Pro Tools, una estación de trabajo de audio digital ampliamente utilizada. Al finalizar, tendrán las habilidades necesarias para entregar un audio limpio y profesional, y optimizar su proceso de trabajo con solo unos clics. No se pierdan esta increíble oportunidad de expandir sus conocimientos y habilidades en el ámbito del audio. ¡Anímense a sumergirse en este aprendizaje exprés!

Skills you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Dominar el software iZotope RX para restauración y limpieza de audio.
  2. Editar y limpiar audio de forma profesional.
  3. Personalizar los visuales en iZotope RX.
  4. Comprender todos los módulos, utilidades y medidores de iZotope RX.
  5. Modificar parámetros para obtener el mejor resultado de audio.
  6. Detectar y procesar el sonido de manera inteligente y precisa.
  7. Optimizar el flujo de trabajo con teclas rápidas.
  8. Integrar iZotope RX con Avid Pro Tools para una producción audiovisual eficiente.

Limpeza de Ruído e Restauração de Áudio com o iZotope RX

Course Preview Limpeza de Ruído e Restauração de Áudio com o iZotope RX


4.7 out of 5

Want to learn how to clean up audio noise like a pro? Look no further than this online course that teaches you how to use iZotope RX, one of the best audio cleaning programs in the world. The course covers everything from downloading and installing the free demo version (no need to purchase the full software), to practical exercises in dealing with common audio issues such as loud background noise, barking dogs, ringing phones, and distorted audio.

The course content is comprehensive, covering essential techniques as well as more advanced iZotope RX tools. This software is ideal for applications in film, television, music, podcasts, video games, and more. You’ll learn how to use the program’s various modules to effectively remove hums, clicks, and other unwanted noises, even isolate dialogue. It’s no wonder that top-tier professionals and game developers rely on iZotope RX. By the end of this course, you’ll have mastered the many capabilities of this powerful software and be on your way to producing cleaner, more polished audio.

Skills you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Limpar ruídos de áudio com eficiência
  2. Instalar e utilizar a versão gratuita do iZotope RX
  3. Resolver situações comuns de ruídos (fundo alto, latidos, telefone)
  4. Dominar ferramentas essenciais e avançadas do iZotope RX
  5. Editar áudio para filmes, televisão, música, podcasts e videogames
  6. Identificar e remover ruídos indesejados no áudio
  7. Isolar diálogos de outros ruídos
  8. Aplicar técnicas profissionais de limpeza de áudio em projetos de games e outras produções.

iZotope Neutron

Course Preview iZotope Neutron


4.3 out of 5

Looking to master iZotope Neutron and its incredible machine learning-based mixing tools? This course covers everything from the basics for beginners to advanced techniques for experienced producers and audio engineers. With Neutron’s machine learning, you’ll learn how to automatically create excellent mixes using Mix Assistant, explore spectral target curves in Sculptor, and dive into dynamic and side chain EQ. This comprehensive course will help you make better mixes more efficiently, no matter your skill level.

The course offers a mixing strategy that encompasses Neutron’s cutting-edge features. You’ll learn about Mix Assistant, Sculptor target curves, Unmasking, and Track Enhance, and develop a workflow that will level-up your mixing game. The lessons are structured to guide you through mixing for balance, clarity, and consistency. Additionally, there is a bonus section on pre-mastering using iZotope Neutron’s cousin software – Ozone, which covers mastering for streaming and loudness. Get ready to transform your mixing skills with this game-changing course on iZotope Neutron and its machine learning capabilities.

Skills you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Utilizing Neutron’s Mix Assistant for automatic mixing
  2. Applying spectral target curves with Sculptor
  3. Mastering dynamic and side chain EQ techniques
  4. Understanding and using Inter-Plugin Communication (IPC)
  5. Mixing for balance, clarity, and consistency
  6. Leveraging machine learning for multiband compression crossovers
  7. Employing Visual Mixer for mix control and comparison
  8. Pre-mastering with iZotope Ozone for streaming and loudness

Mastering Music Using Izotope Ozone 9

Course Preview Mastering Music Using Izotope Ozone 9


4.6 out of 5

Ready to take your music production skills to the next level and master the art of mastering? This online course on mastering music with Ozone 9 is designed to help you fully understand and utilize the powerful tools offered in Izotope’s Ozone 9 software. By the end of this course, you’ll not only be able to confidently master your own music for commercial release, but you’ll also be equipped to offer your newfound expertise for client work.

The course covers a wide range of topics, including an introduction to mastering, a thorough breakdown of all the tools inside Ozone 9, and step-by-step guidance on how to master a track. You’ll also learn the importance of true peak, how bit depth affects your final product, and the best way to export your track for streaming release. Whether you’re new to Ozone or already familiar with the software, this course brings you up to speed on the latest features and modern mastering techniques, ensuring a seamless transition to Ozone 9 mastery.

Skills you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Understanding the purpose of mastering in music production
  2. Proficiency in using all tools inside Ozone 9
  3. Ability to identify and fix specific issues in tracks
  4. Step-by-step mastering of a track
  5. Understanding the importance of true peak in mastering
  6. Knowledge of how bit depth impacts the final output
  7. Best practices for exporting tracks for streaming release
  8. Familiarity with the latest features and modern mastering techniques in Ozone 9

Mastering Music With Izotope Ozone 10

Course Preview Mastering Music With Izotope Ozone 10


4.4 out of 5

Mastering music can be a tough task, but it’s a crucial final step in the music production process to make a good track sound amazing. In the online course on Mastering Music with Ozone 10, you’ll learn all about the powerful software, Izotope Ozone 10, and how to use its tools to take your music to a commercial release level. Plus, you’ll even be able to offer your new skills for client work!

Throughout the course, you’ll explore what mastering is, get a full understanding of each tool in Izotope Ozone 10, learn how to fix specific issues using tools and techniques, and go through the step-by-step mastering of a track. Additionally, the course dives into the importance of true peak and how it affects your music, how bit depth influences the end result, and the best way to export tracks for streaming releases. Whether you’re new to Ozone or experienced with previous versions, this course provides invaluable knowledge to elevate your music production skills. So, get ready to become a mastering master with Ozone 10!

Skills you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Mastering music fundamentals
  2. Proficiency in Izotope Ozone tools
  3. Techniques to fix specific audio issues
  4. Step-by-step guidance for mastering a track
  5. Understanding the importance of true peak
  6. Knowledge of bit depth and its impact
  7. Best practices for exporting music for streaming platforms
  8. Modern mastering techniques application

Learn iZotope Ozone 10

Course Preview Learn iZotope Ozone 10


5 out of 5

If you’re looking to master the art of using iZotope’s Ozone 10 Advanced, you’re in for a treat with this online course. Not only will you learn how to achieve a professional master swiftly and personally, but you’ll also discover how to balance using the new Stabilizer Module, add punch with the Impact Module, and match the sound of chart-topping hits with the Master Assistant. Trust me, this course will guide you to deliver superior sounding releases like a pro.

Although the primary focus of this course is on the Ozone 10 Advanced version, don’t worry if you’re using other versions—the vast majority of the course content is applicable to you, too! You’ll get to explore the comprehensive suite of 17 modules, including EQs, dynamics processors, exciters, and vintage modules, as well as innovative DSP tools. And don’t sweat if you’re already familiar with previous versions; the updated layout isn’t drastically different, so you’ll be up to speed in no time. So, go ahead and dive into this treasure trove of mastering knowledge!

Skills you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Mastering tracks using iZotope’s Ozone Advanced
  2. Balancing audio with the Stabilizer Module
  3. Adding punch to mixes with the Impact Module
  4. Utilizing the AI-powered Master Assistant to achieve professional results
  5. Reference mixing with the Audiolens app
  6. Understanding and applying EQs, dynamics processors, exciters, and vintage modules
  7. Exploring Ozone 10’s various plugin components and their functions
  8. Quickly adapting to Ozone 10’s updated layout for efficient mastering

In conclusion, Izotope RX online courses have proven to be a game-changer in the audio restoration and enhancement industry. The flexibility of these courses allows individuals of all skill levels to learn at their own pace and gain valuable experience with this powerful software. Moreover, the learning process is not only informative, but engaging and enjoyable as well.

Diving into the world of Izotope RX can transform your audio production capabilities and make a noticeable difference in the quality of your final output. So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of these online courses and elevate your audio restoration game. After all, investing in your skills and knowledge will open new doors and help you make the best of your creative potential.