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Raise your hand if you’ve ever considered diving into the world of app development but were too intimidated to take the leap! Or was that just me? Well, fear not, because Flutter is reshaping the landscape and making it much, much easier to jumpstart those app dreams. With its hot-reload feature, distinct advantages over other frameworks, and cross-platform capabilities, it’s no wonder we’re all eager to get our fingers tapping on a new Flutter project. All that’s left is finding the right resources to help us conquer this exciting new frontier.

Enter: Flutter online courses. With so many offerings available, it can be challenging to figure out where to start. But don’t worry – I’ve done the homework for you and am here to dish out all the spicy details. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of enrolling in an online Flutter course, as well as break down some of the top contenders vying for your attention. Are you ready to unlock your full app-developing potential? Let’s dive in, and soon enough you’ll be waving goodbye to your fears… and hello to your very own app!

Flutter Courses – Table of Contents

  1. Flutter & Dart – The Complete Guide [2023 Edition]
  2. The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart
  3. Dart & Flutter – Zero to Mastery [2023] + Clean Architecture
  4. Dart and Flutter: The Complete Developer’s Guide
  5. Flutter & Firebase Tutorial: Build 5 Social Media Apps
  6. Flutter & Dart: SOLID Principles and Top Design Patterns
  7. Flutter&Firebase Build Multi-Vendor Store App & Admin Panel
  8. Flutter – Firebase – MySQL : Multi-store App (Full – Deep)

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Flutter & Dart – The Complete Guide [2023 Edition]

Course Preview Flutter & Dart - The Complete Guide [2023 Edition]


4.6 out of 5

Unlock the power of Flutter and Dart to create stunning, high-performance mobile apps for iOS and Android with this comprehensive, bestselling course by Maximilian Schwarzmüller. Over 30 hours of content will teach you Flutter from the ground up, through video lessons and hands-on projects that cater to both absolute beginners and experienced developers. You’ll build multiple demo apps throughout the course, ranging from simple to more complex, and by the end, you’ll be ready to build your own iOS and Android apps with Flutter.

Flutter, developed by Google, allows you to learn one language (Dart) and rapidly build beautiful native mobile apps with a single codebase. In this course, you’ll learn detailed setup instructions for both macOS and Windows, an introduction to Flutter and Dart, debugging tips and tricks, state management solutions, user authentication, adding Google Maps, using native device features, and much more. Highlights of the course include on-demand, video-based learning, lifetime access, and regular updates to stay in line with industry standards. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned developer looking to expand your skillset, this course is an excellent opportunity to dive into the world of mobile app development with Flutter and Dart.

Skills you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Master the fundamentals of Flutter and Dart language.
  2. Develop beautiful, responsive, and feature-rich mobile apps.
  3. Work with Flutter widgets and create custom ones.
  4. Apply various debugging tips and tricks.
  5. Implement page navigation and state management solutions.
  6. Handle and validate user input in your applications.
  7. Connect apps to backend servers and integrate user authentication.
  8. Utilize native device features, like camera, and incorporate animations and transitions.

The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart

Course Preview The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart


4.6 out of 5

Welcome to the Complete Flutter App Development Bootcamp with Dart! This comprehensive online course, created in collaboration with the Google Flutter team, teaches you everything you need to become a skilled Flutter developer with a strong portfolio of beautiful apps. The course covers all the fundamental concepts of Flutter development, and with over 28 hours of HD video tutorials, it will help you build real-world apps like Whatsapp, QuizUp, and Yahoo Weather.

Whether you have zero programming experience or you’re already familiar with coding, this bootcamp is designed to suit all levels of expertise. You’ll learn how to code using Dart and build native-quality iOS and Android apps. By the end of this course, you’ll be fluently programming in Dart and ready to build your own Flutter apps. Additionally, you’ll have a portfolio of over 15 apps to showcase to potential employers. With engaging and fun video tutorials, the course also includes Firebase Cloud Firestore, StreamBuilder, ListView, networking, and more. Sign up now, and embark on your journey to become a fully-fledged Flutter developer!

Skills you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Fundamental Flutter concepts: Stateful vs. Stateless Widgets, Widget tree, state management, animations, and themes.
  2. Fundamental Dart concepts: lists, maps, enums, loops, futures, streams, mixins, classes.
  3. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts: type system, variables, functions, methods, inheritance, classes, and protocols.
  4. Control Structures: if/else clauses, switch statements, and logic for controlling the flow of execution.
  5. Data Structures: working with collections, such as lists and maps.
  6. Software Design: code organization, formatting, and implementing the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.
  7. Networking: making asynchronous API calls, storing and retrieving data from the cloud, and using JSON for server communication.
  8. Data Storage and Authentication: using Firebase Cloud Firestore as a backend and managing user authentication for Flutter apps.

Dart & Flutter – Zero to Mastery [2023] + Clean Architecture

Course Preview Dart & Flutter - Zero to Mastery [2023] + Clean Architecture


4.5 out of 5

Get ready to dive into app development with this online course centered around Flutter! Aimed at developers of all skill levels, this course will equip you with the know-how to go from your very first Flutter app to professional software architecture, functional programming, testing, and more. As the demand for skilled Flutter developers continues to rise, this course will help you capitalize on the numerous opportunities provided by the young Flutter framework, while enjoying the engaging development experience with Flutter and the Dart language.

The course not only covers the basics of Flutter and Dart programming but also delves deeper into professional development aspects, such as clean architecture, testing (unit, widget, golden, and integration tests), and creating a responsive ToDo app with adaptive layout. By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid foundation in Dart programming, a deeper understanding of Flutter app development, and mastery over clean software architecture principles for high-quality software standards. And what’s more – become a part of an active Flutter community, embarking on a journey toward practicality, quality, and fun!

Skills you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Dart programming fundamentals
  2. App development basics with Flutter
  3. Clean software architecture principles
  4. Implementing the BLoC pattern for clean business logic and UI separation
  5. Responsive app development with adaptive layouts
  6. Local data storage using Hive package
  7. Effective navigation using Navigator 2.0 and go_router package
  8. Comprehensive testing techniques, including unit, widget, and integration testing

Dart and Flutter: The Complete Developer’s Guide

Course Preview Dart and Flutter: The Complete Developer's Guide


4.5 out of 5

Feeling stuck learning Swift or Android? It’s time to check out this awesome online course on Flutter, a newcomer to the mobile development scene that’s strongly supported by Google! Flutter is considered an ideal platform for replacing native Swift and Android development, thanks to its fantastic standard library of widgets, fast compile times, and incredible documentation. This course is designed for both MacOS and Windows users, allowing you to develop Android and iOS apps with ease!

Dive into the Dart language with this course, which includes a lightning-fast introduction and hours of bonus lectures focused on advanced features. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with Dart – if you have a background in Java, Ruby, or JavaScript, the syntax is almost identical, and only a few core concepts need to be learned. You’ll also explore primary design patterns advocated by Google’s Flutter team, such as “Stateful Widget” and the “BLOC” pattern, as well as learning to create beautiful animations using Flutter’s standard library of tools. By the end of this course, you’ll have mastered Reactive Programming with streams, implemented advanced design patterns, and even learned how to build open-source Dart packages to share with other developers. Dive into this comprehensive course and learn Flutter the right way!

Skills you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Understand the Dart language and its primary features
  2. Store information with offline storage
  3. Optimize network requests for improved performance
  4. Delight users with complex animations
  5. Implement multi-screen navigation
  6. Navigate through Flutter documentation
  7. Master Reactive Programming with streams and RxDart
  8. Implement advanced design patterns advocated by Google’s Flutter team

Flutter & Firebase Tutorial: Build 5 Social Media Apps

Course Preview Flutter & Firebase Tutorial: Build 5 Social Media Apps


4.6 out of 5

Ready to master the art of creating social media applications? This amazing online course will guide you through building 5 real-world social media projects like Instagram, TikTok, Zoom, Twitch, and WhatsApp! Through these projects, you’ll not only get hands-on experience with Firebase, but you’ll also gain valuable insights into using third-party SDKs. The goal of this course is to make you comfortable with Firebase and provide you with a strong foundation for developing your own unique social media app.

Throughout the course, you’ll constantly revisit essential concepts to boost your confidence and ensure you don’t have to take another course afterward. Some exciting features of the projects include creating responsive UIs, email and password authentication, sharing posts with captions, searching and following users, and so much more. Plus, you’re never alone – the instructor will be more than happy to help with any questions during the course. So, let’s get to it and show the world your creativity! Keep Learning 🙂

Skills you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Firebase Authentication (e.g. Email & Password, Google Sign In, Phone Number)
  2. Building responsive user interfaces for various social media apps
  3. Creating, sharing, and displaying posts with captions, images, and videos
  4. Real-time interaction features (e.g. likes, comments, following, & searching users)
  5. Implementing video-related functionalities (e.g. compressing, thumbnails, screensharing, & muting)
  6. Managing chat and communication features (e.g. 1-1 chat, group chat, & emoji sharing)
  7. Incorporating third-party SDK integrations (e.g. Zoom & Twitch)
  8. Deploying and managing server-side applications and APIs

Flutter & Dart: SOLID Principles and Top Design Patterns

Course Preview Flutter & Dart: SOLID Principles and Top Design Patterns


4.7 out of 5

Want to level up your software development skills and dive into the world of Software Engineers and Architects? This course will set you on the right path by teaching you the top fundamental GoF Design Patterns, all in the context of the Flutter framework using Dart. Rather than just memorizing design patterns, you’ll learn to recognize when to use specific patterns to build complex systems, reducing complexity and abstraction.

The course starts by helping you fully understand the S.O.L.I.D Design Principles and how they relate to design patterns. You’ll learn through real-world examples and specific code problems. Plus, you’ll even get the chance to architect a solution by coding John Conway’s Game of Life simulation, which will run on your mobile device. By the end, you’ll be able to design projects in an architectural manner, shortening development time and reducing maintenance costs, making you a more proficient and better developer overall. So, gear up for an exciting course that will leave you better equipped to tackle complex software systems.

Skills you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Master fundamental GoF Design Patterns.
  2. Apply S.O.L.I.D. Design Principles in software development.
  3. Implement design patterns in Flutter using Dart.
  4. Solve real-world problems using design patterns and principles.
  5. Develop complex systems with reduced complexity and abstraction.
  6. Architect and design projects to shorten development time and reduce maintenance costs.
  7. Modify and adapt design patterns to fit specific needs.
  8. Combine design patterns to create a well-designed software architecture.

Flutter&Firebase Build Multi-Vendor Store App & Admin Panel

Course Preview Flutter&Firebase Build Multi-Vendor Store App & Admin Panel


4.6 out of 5

Are you new to Flutter or have struggled with online tutorials? If so, this course is perfect for you! Dive into “Flutter 2023 & Firebase + Provider: Building a Multi-Vendor Shop App,” a course designed to provide comprehensive knowledge on Flutter, Firebase, and Provider. By the end, you’ll have all the skills you need to write and manage code for any Flutter-based application.

A multi-vendor app is an online marketplace that brings together multiple independent sellers. Throughout this course, you’ll learn how to build such an app using Flutter and Firebase, and how to manage state using Provider. You’ll be able to create features such as vendor profiles, product listings, shopping carts, payment gateways, and order management systems. By mastering Provider, you’ll ensure a smooth data flow and state management in your multi-vendor app. So, enroll now, and start learning to build that amazing Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace and Online Store!

Skills you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Building a multi-vendor ecommerce app with Flutter and Firebase.
  2. Implementing vendor registration and store management features.
  3. Managing product listings, orders, and delivery schedules.
  4. Using a web admin panel for category and banner uploads.
  5. Integrating state management with Provider for a reactive app architecture.
  6. Approving and rejecting vendors, products, and transactions.
  7. Developing customer registration, login, and dashboard features.
  8. Designing effective product pickup and delivery management systems.

Flutter – Firebase – MySQL : Multi-store App (Full – Deep)

Course Preview Flutter - Firebase - MySQL : Multi-store App (Full - Deep)


4.3 out of 5

In the age of e-commerce and ever-evolving technologies, this online course is designed to help you develop your programming skills and enhance your problem-solving abilities. By taking this course, you’ll elevate your skills and thinking to another level – enabling you to create professional-quality e-commerce applications. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to dream up your next design and bring it to life!

Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to use Flutter widgets effectively, create and install a new Firebase project for both iOS and Android, and enable user authentication (Signup, Login, and Logout) within your application. Additionally, you’ll discover how to allow suppliers to upload products, stream data from Firebase Cloud, and enable customers to add items to their cart and place orders. Beyond these essentials, the course covers integrating a Stripe payment account, adding animations, and saving data locally on the device. By the end of the course, you’ll also master pushing automated notifications to different devices, making your application more interactive and engaging.

Skills you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Master flutter widgets usage and benefits.
  2. Create and install Firebase projects on iOS and Android.
  3. Build user authentication for sign up, login, and logout features.
  4. Enable suppliers to upload products to their stores or the app.
  5. Stream data from Firebase Cloud to app, arranging it in pages and categories.
  6. Help customers add items to their cart and place orders.
  7. Integrate Stripe Payment Account for online payment processing.
  8. Add animations and save data locally on device using SQL Database.

In conclusion, it’s clear that online Flutter courses can serve as a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced developers. By offering a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge tailored to different skill levels, these courses cater to the needs of a broad spectrum of learners. The key is to find one that fits your learning style, time constraints, and budget. So, don’t be afraid to explore options, read reviews, and reach out to instructors or fellow learners to help you make an informed decision.

Ultimately, choosing the right Flutter course can help pave the way for a successful career in app development. With dedication, consistent practice, and the appropriate guidance, you’ll soon be able to create visually stunning, high-performance, and user-friendly applications. As you continue your journey, remember that the thriving Flutter community is always there to support and inspire you – so dive in, stay curious, and keep learning. Happy coding!