4 Best Geometry Courses, Classes and Lessons Online (with Certificate)

Start learning Geometry today. Here is a list of the best 4 Geometry online classes, courses, tutorials, certificates and trainings. The team analyzed 24 Geometry classes, but these 4 really impressed us. Our Geometry resources ranking is based on aspects like duration, difficulty level, price (free vs paid), the number of students and instructor. Check out the list below.

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The Best Geometry Courses in 2021

  1. Become a Geometry Master
  2. Introduction to Geometry | edX
  3. Geometry – The Basics & Beyond
  4. Master Geometry: Full Curriculum with Practice

Become a Geometry Master

This Udemy course will teach you everything you need to know about Geometry. It will provide you with various practice questions that will enhance your knowledge. Upon completion of the course, a certificate is available for you to download.

The Become a Geometry Master course is taught by Krista King, and is available on Udemy. So far, there are more than 15,293 students enrolled for the course.

Skills you will learn

  • Understand the basic principles in Geometry
  • Discover essential concepts like calculations of angles, perimeter, triangles circles, and quadrilaterals
  • Learn about volume and surface area for three-dimensional figures
  • Know the pythagorean theorem and pythagorean inequalities

This course is great for students who want to gain a quick and complete learning about Geometry.

Platform: Udemy
Duration: Almost 9 hours

Introduction to Geometry | edX

This online course will provide you with a solid introduction to Geometry. It will teach you how to properly measure angles, calculate areas, volumes, and geometric theorems. A certificate is available at the end f the course.

The Introduction to Geometry class is taught by Zach Wissner-Gross, John Lee, Vivek Venkatachalam, Kenny Peng, Michael Fountaine, and Stephen Face. At the time of posting this article there are more than 61,383 students enrolled in this online class, which can be found on edX.

Skills you will learn

  • Learn the fundamental concepts of Geometry
  • Understand the relations between angles and line segments
  • Learn how to surface areas and volumes of three-dimensional solids are calculated
  • Know how to efficiently apply properties of various polygons

This class is designed for students who want to learn about geometry, as well as, professionals who are aiming to utilize geometry to their work process.

Platform: edX
Duration: 14 weeks

Geometry – The Basics & Beyond

In this Udemy course, you will learn about the basic principles of Geometry. It will provide you with the essential language and vocabulary in geometry. Like every Udemy course, this comes with a certificate.

The Geometry – The Basics & Beyond course is taught by Michael Taylor, a Teacher of Mathematics and Computer Science, and is available on Udemy. So far, more than 740 students have signed up for this class.

Skills you will learn

  • Learn the basic principles of Geometry
  • Understand the vocabulary used
  • Know about common core congruence
  • Master Geometry through various Udemy-style quizzes

This curriculum is intended for students who wants to discover the fundamental concepts of Geometry, as well as, current geometry students seeking for a review of their knowledge.

Platform: Udemy
Duration: Almost 5 hours

Master Geometry: Full Curriculum with Practice

In this online Udemy course, you will learn all about Geometry. It will provide you with countless practice problems that will help you master Geometry in a jiffy. This class provides a certificate of completion.

The Master Geometry: Full Curriculum with Practice course is taught by Grant Hall, a Business and Mathematics Instructor, and is available on Udemy. More than 428 students found the course so far.

Skills you will learn

  • Discover the core concepts in geometry like triangles, angles, geometric proofs, and mathematical logic
  • Understand congruence and similarity
  • Learn about three dimensional geometry
  • Know the basic principle of contrapositive, inverse, and converse

You should take this course if you’re interested in learning fundamental concepts and basic principles of Geometry.

Platform: Udemy
Duration: Almost 8 hours

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